Your Safety is Our Priority

I want to reassure you that BEYOND SAFETY  is applying all necessary precautions, as detailed by the Department of Health, to ensure our staff and customers are protected from the effects of coronavirus (COVID-19) and that we are open All Be It in a Pre-Cautious Environment.

We are only serving Person to Person one at a time, with entry either by appointment OR phoning us when you get to the front door.

If you know what you need, phone your order through or email it and we will advise you as soon is it is available for collection OR we may be able to deliver to you?

In addition to this, we are taking every precaution with your shipments by implementing best hygiene practices including social distancing, disinfection of surfaces and washing hands so you can be confident when receiving your goods.

All of our freight companies have their own policies in place regarding social distancing, use of scanners, and signature requirements.

I hope all of the above can help you feel comfortable that we are doing all we can to play our part in these challenging times.

We wish you all the very best and stay safe.