ASI W91BL30 Dodge Bump CAP Navy Short Peak (30mm)


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  • • Modernshapeandpeakedcap • Comfortable wearing • Sports cap • EN812testedandapproved • Protectsagainst scalplacerations • Minimisepossiblelateral impacts • GreatEVA foam paddingonskullandexterior • Fullyventilated with8ports • Freesize • 100% cottonandcottonblendfor the Hi Viz colours • Differentpeaklengthsavailable • ABSplastic shell APPLICATIONS Great to use in confined environments. For example • Roofingcontractors • Mechanics • Horticulturalandagriculturearenas • Road works • Painters • Scaffolders Useful where wearing a hard hat is not required but head protection is warranted. OPTIONS The ABS Shell is easily removable. This enables logo embroidery and or printing on the face, peak or hook/loop straps.
    WARNING: The W91 Dodge Bump Cap is not an AS/NZS1801 Occupational Protective Helmet and should not be used in place of one