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Loose Topped Aussie Extra Thick


Supporting local doesn’t get much better than this.

Bamboo Textiles Australia originally pioneered the world of bamboo socks and underwear back in 2006 and, with the continued success and popularity of their flagship product – The Extra Thick Bamboo Work Sock – still hold the crown for what most consider the gold standard in work socks anywhere on the planet. The Australian made variety are just as awesome as the original Extra Thick Work Socks. They’re still designed and tested in Australia, as are the originals. They’re still thick and comfy. They’ll still glide onto your foot in one motion. The only differences are the black and grey marle colour of the sole and that they are manufactured right here in Australia.

BT Australian Made Extra Thick Bamboo Work Socks offer super comfort during the day that lasts all day, as well as much greater practicality than the average everyday sock. Your run of the mill average sock barely touches the surface of what these socks provide and we guarantee you will notice the difference immediately.

These thick socks have been designed with hard-working feet in mind, combining a soft and luxurious feel with genuine, man-sized practicality. No matter what you’re doing day to day and no matter what the weather brings, these will go with you from A to Z.