BDY 878058 DuPont Tyvek Boot Covers with Ties EACH


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DuPont Tyvek knee-length overboot available in white and in one size. Elasticated top and fixation ties. Stitched internal seams. Specially designed for use with Tyvek® apparel, Tyvek accessories can help offer enhanced protection for body parts that are more exposed to hazardous substances. Knee-length boot covers Tyvek® boot coverwith slip-retardant sole is composed of flash spun high density polyethylene, providing an ideal balance of protection, durability and comfort.


  • Knee-length overboot

  • Elasticated top and fixation ties

  • Stitched internal seams

  • Slip-retardant sole

  • Tyvek® Flash Spun High-Density Polyethylene

  • One size fits most

  • Available to sell individually or in a carton