CW A111 Large Black Bib APRON


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  • Available in black, navy, slate

  • 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton Blend

  • 210 g

  • Adjustable neck buckle

  • Wide ties which wrap entirely around the waist

  • No pocket

  • Reinforced stress points

  • Extra wide

  • 110 cm long, 87 cm wide

Our Large Bib Apron is what every chef has been waiting for. This colossal apron stretches wider horizontally than any other in our respected collection providing the ultimate protection from spills and grim. Made with a thicker, adjustable neck strap and wider ties which wrap entirely around the waist, it delivers both comfort and stability. It’s carefully selected poly-cotton fabric supplies durability and strength against heavy daily usage. Visually, it goes without saying that its modest style is professional and refined.