Natures Botanical creme 100gm tub


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100g tub

Very popular in the region during summer

  • The crème is white, in an olive oil base so thicker than the lotion and comes in a tub.

  • Due to its essential oils, the crème has a pleasant aromatic odour.

  • It has a nourishing consistency when you apply it, and is particularly good for those with dry skin.

  • As it tends to get applied more thickly it probably requires less applications than the lotion.

  • It’s economical as it goes a long way and lasts a long time.

  • As it has an olive oil base it is slightly water resistant so good when one perspires heavily from the brow or is outdoors around water.

  • When the Crème is rubbed into the skin it is slightly tacky to begin and then becomes transparent and leaves no oily residue.