Sock Protection

Keep dirt, grass seeds and other muck out of your socks and boots with Over-Boots the original Sox Savers. The Over-Boots Company has been supplying rugged, hard working and hard wearing foot and ankle protection products for over 25 years.
The original Standard style is popular with everyone from road workers, park rangers, gardeners, lawn mowers, miners, hikers, hunters, rural, building and construction workers.

The Weatherproof variety is ideal for keeping your feet dry while working in wet and slushy conditions. They are invaluable protection for miners and construction workers.

The Oilskin Over-Boots are manufactured from parafin/teflon treated cotton fabric (using 100% Australian materials). Superior level of water and soil resistance.

Visual Safety Orange Over-Boots provide “stand out” protection for road and construction workers with international safety standard reflective tape.

The weatherproof Wellington Over-Boots are designed for workers in industries where you need to wear gum-boots, such as concreting, dairy farming or fishing.

Stoneguard Shin Savers are an innovative new product. Use these to practically eliminate lower leg injury from flying debris out of brush cutters, whipper snippers and mowers.

Promotional Over-Boots – an innovative way of advertising your business..

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